5 Essential Resolutions for the Savvy Online Marketer

5 Essential Resolutions for the Savvy Online Marketer

Jan 2, 2014 — 3 min read

Has your digital marketing ground to a pitiful halt over the languid holiday season? Well, it’s time to put aside the videos of cats destroying Christmas trees and formulate a new online marketing strategy. So let’s get your marketing on a diet and exercise plan that will have it bikini ready by Valentine’s Day.

Make More Videos

Video Marketing

Seriously. It’s tough to motivate yourself to spend the time and money making video posts that help to showcase your products and services, handy How To’s and advertising, but you shouldn’t be missing out on this stellar opportunity. Video consumption was up by a whopping 30% last year, so get on the bandwagon! You can post your videos to your site, to your social media platforms and even to Facebook’s new video ad campaigns.

Optimize for mobile

Is your site optimized for mobile devices?

More and more users are turning to mobile for everything from entertainment to shopping. It’s estimated that one out of every four Black Friday dollars was spent on a mobile device. You can optimize your site and digital marketing for mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones and think of inventive ways to interact with mobile users at your physical location.

Get social

Turn up your social media marketing

If you are still under the impression that social media marketing is cute, but not for the consummate professional, you need to update your status. Facebook ad ROI is up 58% over last year’s figures and reports that fans are deserting a floundering Facebook seem to be a load of ship. Social media marketing is growing increasingly attractive and you want to be a part of the conversation that is going on about your products and services.

Get in the game

Show your customers the real you

I’ll say it again; the most valuable asset your business has is you. When you enter the social media market, make sure that there is a cast of characters with real personality providing a voice for your brand narrative. This is social media, so get social.

Get personal

Get Personal with your digital marketing

Along with getting social is also bringing a little personal touch to an otherwise vacuous experience. Without the value of face-to-face meetings, the online world can seem a little cold. Take the time to reply to comments personally, especially if they are negative. When you engage your audience and solve their problems, you show that you care and turn potential clients into raving fans.

The same goes for your website; add a live chat function which allows visitors to your site to chat with your employees so that they can ask questions, listen to your elevator pitch and interact with a real person. Live chat is a great way to get your conversion rate soaring.

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